File Handles

Live Oak Branch

Live Oak Branch trimmed to length and mounted between centers

Initial Shaping

Initial Shaping using shallow gouge

Final Shaping

Final Shaping using gouge

 parting tool

defining the ferrule with parting tool

inflection point

Defining the inflection point with the parting tool

shape front half

Using round nose scraper to shape front half

taper rear of handle

Using round nose scraper to taper rear of handle

Rough sanding

Rough sanding after removing tool rest

Fine Sanding

Fine Sanding with 220 grit paper. Note vacuum hose to capture fine dust.

Apply tung oil

Apply tung oil with q-tip while spinning


Apply hard carnuba wax while turning


Buffing with an old sock while turning.


Considerable pressure used while buffing causes the hard wax to melt and form a very tough protective finish.


Two finished handles, ready to be cut apart on the band saw.

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