Footstool with Epoxy Inlay

I have wanted to try using colored epoxy for an inlay. Zack helped me modify this Celtic 'Tree of Life' drawing. I created a template, and traced it on the top of a foot stool I was working on. The original artwork was created by Cari Buziak who allows free personal - non-profit use. Her template is available at:

Stool legs with epoxy inlay on two sides.

Here is a photo of the top of the stool after the colored Epoxy was applied, allowed to dry, and sanded. I used Transtint dye to color the epoxy. A single drop was too much for 5 ml of Epoxy.

Finished stool. Live Oak center and legs. African Mahagony and Red Oak was used to wrap around the Live Oak top.

2 thoughts on “Footstool with Epoxy Inlay

  1. Hi,
    It’s come to my attention that you used my artwork on a stool you did. Would it be possible to please add a copyright credit to the artwork, to keep the copyright trail clear for others who come to your site? You made good use of the artwork BTW! I like it! 🙂

    It was the following:

    Below are links to my artwork as it appears on my website and some products it has been licensed on by way of example. This artwork is copyright registered on certificate#493115.

    Cari Buziak

  2. Cari,
    I have added some text acknowledging you as the artist as you requested and referenced the copyright certificate. Let me know if it meets with your approval.

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