End Table For Zack

I made an End Table for Zack for Xmass since he was using one of my stools as a lampstand in his Apt. I came up with a rather unconvensional End Table design, since I wanted space underneath to store books or magazines. Here are two sides with the templates attached for a scroll saw design provided by Enrique.

Here I am cutting out the design in one of the four side panels. I tried to position the design so it would not be occluded by the top, and would still allow the work piece to be rotated within the throat length of my scrollsaw.

The basic design is two open side boxes joined at the base. The bottom shelf support and the top stabilize the upper portion of the two open boxes. Rocker Clamp-it jigs were used to keep the boxes square during assembly. Notice that square recesses were made for the screws holding the bottom shelf.

I let Zack pick the stain color, then had him apply it to the bottom shelf and the top. Nice weather let him do it outside!

Here's the finished product stained and assembled. I really like the mirrored scroll saw design in the sides!

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