Changing Table for “Little Senorita”

Bekah asked me to make a changing table, since the ones they looked at in stores were so pricey. I found the plans for this one in my Wood Magazine.

She wanted it painted white to match the crib she already had, so we matched the paint color at Home Depot.

Here I am attaching the Maple legs to the maple plywood carcase – just Titebond III glue, no screws or nails.


After cutting the rabbets and dado for the carcase, I masked the inside and painted the pieces before assembly. This simplified the painting chores immensely.

Here Bekah and Chloe have come to check on the progress…


I used a piece of pegboard as a template for drilling the shelf pins, and then routed a dado in the underside of the shelf so the 5mm shelf pins would be invisible. This picture shows the movable shelves better …


I waited until we transported the changing table to Bekah’s before installing the drawer pulls.


This is the first major project that I painted rather than stained. Turned out pretty good. Painting is a bunch more work. It was two coats of primer, and two of semi-gloss enamel. Painted finish can hide imperfections in the materials. I used Rockhard putty to fill in dents and voids in the plywood end grain before painting.

More money in the hardware (slides, knobs) and paint than in the wood!


If I do another one, I would consider either making four drawers instead of three or increasing the depth of the 3 drawers.


Here is Capri Elise checking it out at 1 week old.

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